The idea for Daily Ray of Hope began in late 2013 when it seemed like my life was falling apart.. I started publishing a few posts to Facebook then abandoned the project as I fell into a downward spiral.. When I thought that life couldn’t get any harder.. it did.. No matter what I did it seemed to fall apart.. Yet the whole time, in the back of my mind I have kept thinking about this website and the message that I felt compelled to share…

Life changes.. it’s a roller coaster of ups and downs.. we all want the up and seem to get caught in the downs.. But when you’re at the bottom.. You have two choices.. lay down or climb up… ¬†When we were kids we never anticipated the things we’d have to do as adults.. Most people don’t feel like they are living the American dream.. yet most of our problems are a matter of perspective… Are you willing to open your mind and take the journey forward?? Or are you going to get caught up in the minuscule details of everyday living??


Let’s create a movement together to stop living mediocre lives and build upon each other to get whatever we want from this life. There’s only one that we are given, so lets get busy and start living on purpose!